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March 2018
List of Clubs denied sanctions
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Feb 2018
The meet santion form has been updated:
     Word format
     PDF format

Sanctioning Steps

USA Swimming meet directors who would like to have their meet sanctioned must fill out and submit the appropriate forms.

  1.   2018 Sanction Application
       Word format revised 2-8-18
       PDF format   revised 2-8-18
  2.  Sample Meet Template
revised 09-28-17
  3.   Safety and Warm-up Procedures
revised 10-09-16

Email or mail applications and forms to:

Lorna Anaya, ST Sanctions Chair
Phone: 870-814-2890
Mailing address: 6807 N 1st Lane, McAllen, TX 78504

Policies and Procedures
  STSI Sanctioning Policies and Procedures  revised 04-03-18
  Sanctioned Meet Income Statement  revised 01-04-17
More Information
  Clubs denied sanctions  revised 03-13-18
  Form F - Meet Approval Request to Program Operations revised 03-25-13 
Update notices
  Mar 13, 2018
STSI Sanctioning Policies and Procedures
document updated for a name change and fax removal.
  Feb 1, 2017
USA Swimming Policy on Drones
  Jan 4, 2017
Sanctioned Meet Income Statement
Per USA Swimming Rule 202.4.10, the organization hosting the meet shall file a financial statement in connection with the sanctioned event and submit it to the Sanctions Chair within 45 days after the event. This information will be kept confidential.
  Oct 9, 2016
STSI Sanctioning Policies and Procedures
Updated to require a financial statement of the meet's income and expenses, to be submitted to the Sanctions Chair within 45 days of the meet's conclusion, per USA Swimming Rule 202.4.10.
  Sept 14, 2016
STSI Sanctioning Policies and Procedures
  • Updated to define a "closed meet" as a meet restricted to members of a single club (or unattached members to that club).
  • Updated to define an "invitational meet" as a meet restricted to invited clubs or athletes.
  • Hosting clubs are now required to send their final meet information and meet entry file to the Sanctions Chair for posting.
  • The USA Swimming Deck Pass app can now be used as proof of USA Swimming membership for deck entry.
  • Updated contact information.
  May 1, 2015  All sanction and splash fees will be added to the South Texas Swimming account for the club or club location specified on the Sanction Application. It is no longer necessary to mail payment to the South Texas Swimming office when paying sanction fees and splash fees.
  Jan 15, 2015
USA Swimming Sanction Appeal handbook and process
USA Swimming is pleased to announce the launch of the Zone Sanction Appeal Process, approved by the 2013 House of Delegates for implementation in January 2015.
For the first time, there is an appeal procedure for a meet host who believes it should be granted the right to host a USA Swimming-sanctioned event. The opportunity now exists to appeal an LSC-denied sanction decision to a Zone Sanction Appeal Panel (ZSAP). While all meet hosts have the right to submit an appeal, every effort should be made to resolve the conflict at the LSC level before the meet host initiates an appeal.
The handbook outlines how the process works, the authority of the LSC and the Zone Sanction Appeal Panel, and the procedure for initiating an appeal. The Appeal process goes into effect immediately and is available for all sanction denials since January 1, 2015.