Time Standards

Time Standards

Qualification time standards are set by the various governing bodies that come under the umbrella of USA Swimming. Championship meets require swimmers to meet or exceed these standards.

Time Standards for 2016-2017 South Texas Championships (STAGS=A or faster; Jr STAGS=BB or slower)

2017 TAGS Time Standards-SC (Short Course Yards) updated 01/12/17

2017 TAGS Time Standards-LC ( Long Course Meters) updated 06/09/17

2017-2020 National Age Group Motivational Times (B, BB, A, etc. by age/gender for short course yards, short course meters, and long course meters)

2017 Sectionals Time Standards  

2017 Futures Championship Meet Time Standards

2017 U.S. Open Time Standards

2017 Summer Junior Nationals Time Standards

2017 Summer Nationals Time Standards

2016 Winter Junior Nationals Time Standards

2016 Winter Nationals Time Standards

2016 USA Swimming Scholastic All-America Time Standards

2016 Olympic Trials

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