South Texas Records

Records for South Texas Swimming will be updated on or about the first of every month. Records for traditional distances in long course meters and short course yards have been kept for at least 20 years. Records for non-traditional distances (10 and under 200 fly, 15-16 100 IM, etc.) and records in short course meters were established based on the times in the SWIMS database. Anyone with credible evidence that shows a record is not as shown should provide that information to the records coordinator, Heather Bleasdell, at

December 2017

Congratulations to the new record holders!!!

M50BK SCY, 11/12, Jeremy Kelly, 26.94, NTRO;
M50BR SCY, 15/16, David Tao, 26.45, ST-UN;
M50BK SCY, 17/18, Austin Katz, 21.44, ST-UN;
M100BK SCY, 17/18, Austin Katz, 45.34, ST-UN;
M200BK SCY, 17/18, Austin Katz, 1:38.49, ST-UN;

W50BK SCY, 11/12, Jada Scott, 27.44, AAAA;
W50FL SCY, 11/12, Jada Scott, 26.00, AAAA;
W50FL SCM, 17/18-OPEN, Dakota Luther, 27.59, ST-UN;
W100FL SCM, 17/18, Dakota Luther, 59.30, ST-UN;
W200FL SCM, 17/18, Dakota Luther, 2:07.95, ST-UN;
W100IM SCM, 17/18, Dakota Luther, 1:04.93, ST-UN;
W50FL SCY, 17/18-OPEN, Hanna Feng, 24.70, ST-UN;
W500FR SCY, SEN/OPEN, Joanna Evans, 4:35.05, ST-UN;
W1000FR SCY, SEN/OPEN, Joanna Evans, 9:40.99, ST-UN;
W1650FR SCY, SEN/OPEN, Joanna Evans, 15:51.74, ST-UN;
W400FR-R SCY, SEN, Rebecca Millard, Claire Adams, Brooke Hansen, Remedy Rule, 3:12.84, ST-UN;
W800FR-R SCY, SEN, Claire Adams, Rebecca Millard, Remedy Rule, Joanna Evans, 6:58.75, ST-UN

Long Course Meter and Short Course Yard Records
Updated Dec 15, 2017