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2017 Short Course STAGS

  • The 2017 Short Course STAGS meet will be held March 3-5 in San Antonio.  This meet will be an Officials Qualifying Meet, offering evaluations for N2 and N3 Stroke and Turn, N2 Starter, N2 Deck Referee, and N2 Chief Judge.  Please use this form to sign up to work the meet, to request an assigned position, or to request an evaluation.  Applications for assigned positions (Chief Judge, Starter, Deck Referee, or Administrative Official) must be received no later than February 1.  Any questions can be directed to the Meet Referee, Charles Yang.

2017 Short Course TAGS

  • The 2017 Short Course TAGS meet will be held March 9-12 in Lewisville, TX.  This meet will be an Officials Qualifying Meet.  Please use this form to sign up to work the meet, to request and assigned position, or to request an evaluation.  Please contact Gloria Schuldt with any questions.

Clinic Schedule

Clinic Location Date Time Comments
Stroke and Turn TBD TBD TBD Please contact Trey Prinz if you are interested in a clinic.  It is suggested you register with USA-S (DOC and PDF) prior to the clinic.


  • Certification Steps for New Officials

  • Recertification

    • Please fill out the Non Athlete Registration Form (DOC and PDF) and send a copy of it, along with your deck log, to Mindy Donofrio.

  • Certification for Officials Transferring to South Texas

    • Please send an email to Mindy Donofrio requesting that your USA-S LSC be updated to South Texas.

    • Please contact Trey Prinz to request that your existing LSC certifications be transferred to South Texas.


Roster of Officials
Revised 02-03-2017

Roster Opt-Out Form

LSC Evaluator Criteria

Roster of LSC Evaluators

Revised 08-27-2016

Policies and Procedures Governing Officials
Revised 11-10-2016

Information regarding NCAA officiating can be found in this letter.

Background Checking Program (BGC)

STSI Official's Registration (New officials only)

Starter/Referee Certification

On-Line Official's Exams

USA-S Official's Pages

Apply to Officiate National meets

Meet Referee Report Requirements

Revised 09-12-2015

PowerPoint Presentations:

Stroke and Turn
Updated 06/28/2016




USA-S DQ Slip (rev. 5/14)

High School DQ Slip

Relay Take-off Ballots

 Generic Deck Assignments

500-yard Lap Counter

1000 & 1650 yard Lap Counters

800 & 1500 meter Lap Counters

False Start Confirmation

Declared False Start Memo

No Show Memo

Official's Deck Log


Official's Commitee Members

Any questions regarding the functions and services of the STSI Official’s Committee should be addressed to the Chair or your local Official’s Committee Member.

Lorna Anaya



Mike Bertirotti


San Antonio

Rose Anconetani Athlete Representative Round Rock

Annette DuVall


Corpus Christi

Roland Smits



Trey Prinz