South Texas Swimming Lifetime Achievement Recipients

South Texas Swimming annually awards a USA Swimming lifetime membership to members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, service, and dedication to the LSC. Thank you to the following members for your long-term contributions to the members of South Texas Swimming:


2022: Chris Kjeldsen, FISH

2021: Tim Byerly, UN

2020: Mark Parshall, AQTX

2017: Don Walker, AAAA Nadadores

2015: Jessica Evans, LCA

2014: Mike Bertirotti, WAVE

2013: BJ Allenstein, AAAA-NISD

2012: Angella Woodard, UN

2010: Trey Kohlhausen, WWW

2009: Didi Byerly, CCAA

2008: Annette DuVall, CCAA

2006: Denny Ryther, AAAA

2005: David Johnson, AAAA