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STSI Policy Changes
STSI Investment Policy Changes

Update (9/25/23)

XI.E.a- Credit or debit cards against STSI accounts may be provided to the Age Group Chair, Open Water Chair, Treasurer, and their designees

Changes (10/24/22)

II.F.1- Update Use of Funds to align with STSI Mission approved HoD 10/22

Updates (8/23/23)

Added Appendix E Election Process for Athletes and Officials

Appendix E.B.3.c-update from USAS course to any onboarding courses

Appendix F-remove email requirement 

X.F.3.e-update to $300


Updates (7/19/23)

XIII.2.a-Remove 15-18 age group

XIII.A.d.2-Remove 15-18 age group


Changes (6/15/23)

XV.B.1.c - Updated the description of the Senior Vice Chair's duties to add a designee to oversee Athlete Res.

II.F- dates changed

VIII.I.3 - dates changed


Changes (3/24/23)

Long course, STX to a BB meet.

Added a "Summer B Championship" to the summer season, with B times. 

STAGS will now require A times for all ages, and we have changed the number of finals to reflect the attendance at the meet by age group. The number of finals is intended to be "fluid," so we can change from year to year based on the data analysis of the previous season's meets. 


Changes (3/6/23)

Clarified travel assistance for annual HOD


Changes (1/12/23)

Add required email usage policy XV.B.3


Changes (10/19/22)

III - updated policy to align with current USAS standards

XV.B.2 - committee limitations on BOD members


Changes (9/16/22)

Updated Appendix E - nominating guidelines

Updated membership USA Swimming membership fees


Changes (9/01/22)

Updated Appendix E - nominating guidelines


Changes (8/30/22)

Added Appendix E - nominating guidelines


Changes (8/23/22)

Added Appendix B Social Media Policy and Guidelines

Moved former Appendix B to C and Appendix C to D

Renumbered Table of Contents


Changes (7/12/22)

II.F- Remove language from HoD Oct 2021 Prop #7


Changes (6/20/22)

V.A.1.-Clarification of bid meet timeline


Changes (4/13/22)​

XII.J-Added host discretion on Time Trial events


Changes (3/28/22)

Update Mission Statement

Add V1.A.1 Teams must be SAfe Sport recognized to obtain sanction

Add X.4.d.i Milliarty transfer eligibility

Edit X.B.1 from reimbursement to assistance

Add IV.J annual Strategic Planning Meeting

Update Table of Content page numbers 


Changes (11/17/21)

The job description for the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion position was added to the Board of Directors section. 


Changes (11/15/21)

Elimination of an outdated policy regarding splash fees.

Renaming the "USAS Convention" to the "USA Swimming Annual Business Meeting."

Updates to the ST Champs meets per Championship Meet Committee.


Changes (10/20/21)

Correction of a typographical error related to national athlete reimbursement.


Changes (10/15/21)

Updates related to the 2021 HOD legislation.


Changes (7/16/21)

The fee for allowing an unregistered or ineligible athlete to compete in a sanctioned or approved meet has increased to $100 per swim.

Effective 9/1/21, there are no transfer fees for out-of-LSC transfers for any membership type.


Changes (1/17/2021)

Results for ineligible swimmers allowed to compete in Sanctioned or Approved meets cannot be loaded to SWIMS after resolving the issue causing the ineligibility (Section VI).

Financial reimbursement will be based on a flat rate equal to the published federal GSA per diem for athletes attending national-level meets (Section X.B.f).

Financial reimbursement will be based on half the flat rate GSA per diem for athletes attending national-level meets in Texas (Section X.B.g).


Changes (3/24/2020)

Update to correct a typographical related to coach reimbursements for national meets (Section X). 


Changes (1/16/2020)

Update to the fine imposed on a meet host when a previously cleared Flex athlete becomes ineligible before the meet start date.


Changes (12/12/19)

Major revision in conjunction with the new STSI Bylaws. 


Changes (12/29/16)

Outreach athletes are eligible for reimbursement for up to five events twice a year at championship meets.

The long course financial assistance filing deadline is now September 15.


Changes (11/10/16)

Changes made by the 2016 House of Delegates meeting.

Eliminated the renewing club fee from December 2 to 31.

Updated fee schedule.

Updates to STAGS and Junior STAGS meet formats.

Added requirement for a financial summary for sanctioned meets.

Eliminated the requirement for an athlete to compete in a South Texas Swimming sanctioned or approved meet before seeking national meet financial assistance.

Removed Zones and Open Water Zones from the two meets per calendar year financial assistance support.

Changed the meet reimbursement for national meets held in Texas to up to $125 per day.

Changed the number of events reimbursed for outreach athletes to six per quarter.

Reimbursement requests for USAS Convention, camps, Zones, and other applicable meets are now due within 60 days of the last day of travel.

Eliminated the SWIMS upload fee.

Updated time standards for USAS 2017-2020.

Eliminated the out-of-LSC transfer fee when the transfer athlete renews his or her USA Swimming membership.


Changes (10/4/16)

I updated the USA Swimming registration fee amounts 2017 (page 4).

Removed Family Membership option (no longer offered) (page 4).

Send the final meeting information and entry file to the Sanctions Chair for posting (page 9).

Clarification that invitational meets are not closed meets (page 8).

I added the USA Swimming Deck Pass app as acceptable proof of USA Swimming membership for athletes, coaches, and officials (changes throughout).

USA Swimming membership cards are no longer mailed to members and can be printed from the Deck Pass app (if desired) (changes throughout).


Changes (3/10/16):

Clarification about eligible travel expenses allowed under the financial assistance program for athletes, coaches, and officials (page 23).

Expenses that require receipts (page 24).


Changes (2/9/16):

Clarification to a sanction fee structure based on when received by the Sanction Chair (page 3).

Addition of fine for no-show at a championship meet (page 5).

Clarification of bid meets conflict days (page 8).

Added the 2016 flat rate per athlete ($350) for the Open Water Festival (page 22).

Addition of registration documents to Document Retention Policy (page 50).


Changes (1/4/16):

Corrections to TOC page numbering.


Changes (12/15/15):

Changes made by the 2015 House of Delegates meeting.

Payment due dates are clarified as the due date or the next business day if the due date falls on a weekend or banking holiday (page 5) per BoD 11/10/15.

Financial assistance is set to $125 per day for eligible meets held within the LSC (page 23) per BoD 12/8/15.

Process update for sending meet results to Regional SWIMS User and meet referee's report to RSU and Officials Chair.

Updated STSI mailing address.


Changes (9/1/15):

I updated the annual fee information for 2016 USA Swimming memberships (page 5).

Added late fee information for failure to pay monthly statement account balances (page 6).

Added electronic processing procedures for insufficient funds and waivers (page 7).

Updates throughout changing payment by check to payment by electronic invoicing for clubs.

Global updates regarding sending meet recons and meet results to the Regional SWIMS User instead of the Executive Secretary.

Updated Appendix L (Team Registration and Management) for processing registrations and payments electronically.


Changes (4/14/15):

The locations for the House of Delegates meetings for the next four years have been updated: Austin (2015), South Padre Island (2016), San Antonio (2017), and Corpus Christi (2018).


Changes (2/16/15):

Clarification about coach travel reimbursements: Relay-only swimmers are not included in the total athlete count when determining the number of coaches eligible for financial assistance (page 37)

Correction to the methodology used to compute per-diem reimbursements for meet travel (pages 35, 39, 42)

Update to the methodology used to compute coach reimbursements for meet travel based on the number of athletes from the coach's team in attendance (page 38)

Clarification that meets occurring in conflict with a South Texas Swimming bid meet must have different time standards and must be sanctioned as a proof-of-time meet (page 7)