Observed Meets

High School meet directors who would like to have their meet approved for observation must fill out the appropriate form and then forward the form and meet information to Rick Allenstein before the start of the meet. 

Requests for meet observation must be submitted to and approved by the NTV Chair before the beginning of the swim meet.

Email Rick

Before submitting the completed forms, meet directors must personally verify with each USA Swimming official listed on the form that is:

(1) currently registered as a USA-S Official in good standing as of the meet date(s),

(2) currently registered as a UIL official in good standing as of the meet date(s), and

(3) that they will indeed be present at the meet.

Approved Meets for Observation

This document is updated in real-time as the NTV Chair approves observed meets.

Results files for HyTek import for USAS teams ONLY will be posted below (do NOT use this file for high school teams because the high school club codes have been removed). Note: If you are a South Texas TeamUnify club, meet results will upload automatically to your team database and you do not need to upload any results files. The PDF results file shows the USA-S IDs entered by the high school coach. Swimmers with incorrect IDs or missing IDs should provide the information to the high school coach so it can be included in the high school team's database.

Meet File
ZIP File
PDF Results
Shows USA-S ID


Please note: Your South Texas SWIMS users can only assist with loading times at meets held in our zone/LSC. For meets held elsewhere (Gulf, North Texas, etc), don't hesitate to contact the meet host or the hosting LSC for assistance.

If you believe an observed meet loaded to SWIMS has not been loaded to the South Texas Swimming website, don't hesitate to contact Jessica Evans for assistance. Loading observed meets to the South Texas site is done manually and not automatically. Thank you for your assistance. 

North teams
(Austin/Buda/Kyle area and areas north of there)

Jessica Evans 

Email Jessica

South teams
(San Antonio and areas south of there)

Didi Byerly 

Email Didi

Observed Meet Forms

  • Form A: Request for Observation - non-season culminating championship meet
    • Revised 10/2023
  • Form B: Request for Observation - season culminating championship meet
    • Revised 10/2023
  • Form F - Meet Approval Request to Program Operations
    • Revised 1/4/2019
  • NFHS Guidelines for Virtual Swim Meets
    • Posted 10/9/20
  • Additional information from USA Swimming about high school observed meets
    • Posted 10/9/20

Form A Form B Form F NFHS Guidelines USA-S Info

Update Notices


From USAS Swimming (10/28/2023)

Update on Wireless, Semi-Automatic Timing System Use in Sanctioned Competition

Wireless systems such as the Dolphin, Swimmingly, Wylas and Time Drop may be used as semi-automatic timing systems to conduct a USA Swimming-sanctioned competition as long as those systems are operated within:

(1) the requirements of the USA Swimming Rulebook and

(2) follow the manufacturer’s specifications.  

Please review the required protocols by clicking here for the USA Swimming Meet 360 guide.

USA Swimming Applicable Rules for semi-automatic timing are found in section 102.23 of the USA Swimming Rulebook.

*Updated 3/22/23*

Observed Meet Requirements for Loading Times to SWIMS: 

Times for observed meets are loaded for qualifying athletes (who are members of USAS as of the date of the meet) ONLY when the observed meet database includes the athlete's name as it appears in SWIMS 3.0, the athlete's correct date of birth, and the athlete's correct USA Swimming ID. Starting March 2023, the USA Swimming ID will be used for matching athletes and results, so the results will only be loaded with the correct match on the athlete's name as it appears in SWIMS, date of birth, and USA Swimming ID.

It is the responsibility of the high school coach to enter the correct data when transmitting entries for observed meets and not the responsibility of South Texas Swimming or its Times Officers.

Meet results for the OBSERVED meets are loaded to the South Texas Swimming website after they have been loaded to the SWIMS database. If your club team is a Team Unify club, then your athletes' times are loaded automatically into your club's Team Unify database when the athlete's correct name and date of birth were included in the observed meet database.  

If the results for your athlete were not uploaded to SWIMS, please get in touch with the SWIMS user for assistance. This usually means that the athlete's correct name, date of birth, and/or USA Swimming ID was not included in the observed meet database, the athlete's name was misspelled or incorrect (nickname used in place of legal name, missing middle initial, etc.), the date of birth was missing or incorrect, the USA Swimming ID was missing or incorrect, or the athlete was not a member in good standing of USA Swimming at the time of the meet or was not eligible to have times loaded (such as missing the APT). 

Lead-off times for relays load to SWIMS automatically only if all four members of the relay team are current members of good standing of USA Swimming and their correct names, dates of birth, and USA Swimming IDs were included in the observed meet database, and the observed meet was using touchpads with splits. Times can be loaded manually upon request.

Please make sure your copy of Meet Manager is set to "FINA" rules for timing adjustments. Thank you.